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PVU - Do you want to step up to the plate and maintain the 2k list?

TP, I had a little time today to hit the updates. If you're done, I will post for the next few months, but I'm not planing on testing new updates, and I don't want to mess with an official list right now. I'm sorry about that, but I've got my hands full.

We have 4 more months of 2K updates. When this is all said and done for 2K, I can take a crack at the final come June.

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PVU - Thanks for the offer. Please PM me your email addy, I can sent you a spreadsheet that sort of automates the update web page.

mim0 & muppet hunter - Please update your lists to add in a blurb for WMP11. HFSLIP has a hard time extracting the WMP11 installer on some OSs and some languages. If the user gets some files not found during the isntall txtmode copy part, then the user will need to extract the WMP11 installer into a HF\WMP11 folder.

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2003 users, I have "gone deep" and eliminated a number of hotfixes that had files that were replaced by more than one subsequent fix. In other words, if kb111111 updates A.DLL and B.DLL, and kb222222 updates only A.DLL and kb333333 updates only B.DLL, Microsoft will not let you know that kb111111 is obsolete. I've done that, and in the process, eliminated a bunch of obsoletes (there might even be more, but for now I think I've got them).

So, 2003 users, please just re-download everything, it's just easier.

TP: I saw your note above after my email so never mind on that bit.

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When i said to you previously that the TZ update worked in HF, then i just checked that the files where updated + checked that a few of the reg-entries from the INFs [Product.Add.Reg] section matched when compared to the registry...

However, i've just now found a thread on RyanVM's forum with e.g. this quote from ricktendo64:

Yep I have noticed this, the .INF does not match the changes in the registry, it uses tzchange.dll to dynamically update the registry


Sorry about that...

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I have found a litlle typo in this list http://www.vorck.com...otfixes_xp.html. There is an update 972270 listed with "Low" security bulletin rating. But in the MS10-001 bulletin it is stated to be "Critical".

That's not a typo, that's correct. The "highest severity" is critical but it's only for W2K critical. For XP (and all other versions) it's low.
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Methinks I'll be stopping the 2k update list after this update. I've done my duty. Time to move on.

Tommy, I'll give it a whirl for Windows 2000.

I'm not going to worry about 2000 Server, DirectX7, IE5.

For February 2010:

KB978251 Windows2000-KB978251-x86-ENU.EXE

Replaces KB957097

KB975713 Windows2000-KB975713-x86-ENU.EXE

Replaces Nothing

KB978262 Windows2000-KB978262-x86-ENU.EXE

Replaces KB973525

KB977914 Windows2000-KB977914-x86-ENU.EXE

Replaces KB971557

KB975560 Windows2000-DirectX9-KB975560-x86-ENU.exe

Replaces KB971633 (Windows2000-DirectX9-KB971633-x86-ENU.exe)

KB978037 Windows2000-KB978037-x86-ENU.EXE

Replaces Nothing

KB971468 Windows2000-KB971468-x86-ENU.EXE

Replaces KB958687

KB977165 Windows2000-KB977165-x86-ENU.EXE

Replaces KB971486

KB978706 Windows2000-KB978706-x86-ENU.EXE

Replaces Nothing

March 9, 2010 edit corrects KB978251. KB978251 replaces KB957097.

There are no March 2010 Windows 2000 Updates.

Also, Windows2000-DirectX9-KB975560-x86-ENU.exe goes into HFSVCPACK_SW1

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PVU, this work is important -- thanks.

I'd like to add it to my site, which already hosts XP and 2003.

Tom has available an Excel spreadsheet for this. Or you can reformat any way you like... That's the privilege you enjoy when you take a list over! :lol:

Muppet Hunter uses the Excel. I use a linear date format and mark obsoletes as I go. I hope that you will decide to convert the existing list and add to it!

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Hmmm, you'd think that they would have included Shdocvw.dll with ie8 but is with the ie6. Are we all missing something?

The situation is the same as with MS10-002. I've checked it again (if we don't see it) but again I think MS has made it strange.

mskbfiles.com is not bad: http://www.mskbfiles...shdocvw.dll.php

The current shdocvw.dll you always get with the sec-upd of IE6

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New IE cumulative's added for 2003 and xp in the lists, and 2000 as well. (Muppet, I got you covered, since this was sprung out of cycle)

There will be an announcement regarding the 2000 hotfix list shortly.

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