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Drivers from usb-stick with a win xp instalation


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Hi, i try the simple method of drivers from cd HERE is more information about, but the problem is i not install from a cdsource, the instalation is from a usb-stick using WinSetupFromUSB program.

The thing is, i got the compressed drivers in 1 file called Drivers.7z, inside U:\$WIN_NT$.~LS\$OEM$\Drivers (drive letter for my usb-stick is always U:) The frist time i try the install win xp and the drivers and not work, then i try, try, try, and try, and i looking for the problem, i read the file Drivers.cmd and i see the code is for a CDSOURCE, not for and removible usb and less for a usb-stick with the letter drive is always U:

I think the problem is that, just the code the drivers.cmd and the search for a cdsource and the dir tree in the usb-stick is no match a cd instalation method.

I let you my dir tree from usb-stick








This is the drivers.cmd code:

TITLE Drivers-from-CD Installation
color 1F
:: Set Current Drive as CD
CD /D "%~dp0"
:: Set Drivers Location Folder
SET DRV=Drivers
:: Ticker script
ECHO.exec hide %CD%\Process.exe -r setup.exe >%SystemDrive%\Ticker.ncl
ECHO.wait 10000 >>%SystemDrive%\Ticker.ncl
ECHO.exec hide %CD%\Process.exe -p SetupCopyOEMInf.exe high >>%SystemDrive%\Ticker.ncl
ECHO.exec hide %CD%\Process.exe -s setup.exe >>%SystemDrive%\Ticker.ncl
ECHO.wait 50000 >>%SystemDrive%\Ticker.ncl
ECHO.script %SystemDrive%\Ticker.ncl >>%SystemDrive%\Ticker.ncl
:: Pre-Install (Suspend Setup, and Set Setup to Low Priority)
.\Process.exe -s setup.exe
.\Process.exe -p setup.exe low
:: Allow for Unsigned Drivers
START .\WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe
:: If Compressed Drivers Exist, Unzip Them & Change Drivers Location Folder to Hard Drive
IF EXIST Drivers.7z (
SET DRV=%SystemDrive%\Drivers
.\7za.exe x -y -aoa -o"%SystemDrive%\Drivers" ".\Drivers.7z"
:: Run NirCmd Ticker Script (code above)
START .\NirCmd.exe script %SystemDrive%\Ticker.ncl
:: Install Drivers
.\SetupCopyOEMInf.exe "%DRV%"
:: Post-Install (Close NirCmd, Setup Priority back to Normal, Resume Setup)
.\Process.exe -k NirCmd.exe
.\Process.exe -p setup.exe normal
.\Process.exe -r setup.exe
:: Delete Ticker File
DEL %SystemDrive%\Ticker.ncl

I hope somebody help me, Sorry for my english :blushing:

Thx, and cheers!!! :hello:

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