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Azureus Vuze 4.0 switches


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version is in the server ready for download.

It's awesome that you're making these silent installers for everyone. If possible would you share the knowledge of how you've made this one for Azureus/Vuze? I've been playing with all this stuff for about a month now, mostly as an educational tool, I'm just trying to learn how to do it. I've created a lot of silent installers over the past few weeks, but Vuze has me baffled. I was going to throw together an autoit script, but then I stumbled upon this thread and saw that you were making it work and I figured it never hurts to ask someone for advice.

I hope you'll consider sharing the knowledge.



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All you need to do is install it manually, then configure it the way you want , grab the folder in program files and the one in Application Data (or was it Local Application Data?, I'm not at home right now).

Now, for making the installer you can choose whatever setup you want (MSI, Inno, NSIS, etc). Nota that you can't edit the original installer, that's why i make a totally new one.

There are registry entries you can use in you installer to point to the installation path and some variables. Look for some ID o SID in the registry keys of Vuze/Azureus. Don't use them to avoid conflicts when installing it on different PC's.

Hope this helps you out.

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