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black screen at sysprep


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I used nLite to add in new SATA drivers into my unattended installation. When I do an unattended install, it works on both a Lenovo T400 and HP DC5700. When I sysrep the HP DC5700, I load the image on a T400 and get a black screen. If I reboot, I get the Safe Mode menu options. If I choose Start Windows Normally, it just reboots and goes abck to that screen. If I choose Safe Mode, it hangs at agpCPQ.sys

I am using the ZTIHalDetect script to update the HAL. (the system was set to Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) before I sysprepped it).

If I sysprep it from the T400, I have no problems with it loading up with the mini-setup screen. I don't want to build it from the laptop, but if I have to, I will.

Any thoughts?

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I'm having the same problem, and I found this interesting twist

If I take my imaged hard drive from a T61 and put it into the T400 (or x200) it boots just fine).

I can't seem to figure out if this is a HAL issue due to the processor or if it's a graphics issue.

PLEASE post more info if there's anybody out there who has worked on this!!!

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It turns out that the problem was the HAL. If I set my image into APCI mode, the system won't boot. It seems that intel removed support for that HAL from the montevino chipset.

So my solution is to have the boot disc I use determine if this is a T400 (it checks the processor type), and then manually injects the HAL onto the hard drive.

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