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User Name when Unlock a Computer


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I upgraded Windows XP from SP 2 to SP3. My users no longer see their User Name in the field after they lock their computer and do a Ctrl-Alt-Del to resume. Is there a setting some where that will allow users to see their user name? I went through Services and Registry to see if I can find out why I'm not getting this any more. The users have limited access, but as a network administrator I don't have this problem.



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Have you tried disabling the "Do not display last user name" policy in Group Policy?

Have you searched the registry for "DontShowLastUser"?

Hmm...this is different though. These settings affect users attempting to log into the computer, not users attempting to unlock an already established session.

Not sure about this, I've never experienced it myself. Are the users using local accounts or domain accounts?

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