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[Release] ToolTipFixer 2.0


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Ever since Microsoft invented the Windows Shell with explorer.exe back in the days of Windows 95, there's been a bug that's gone from one version of Windows to the next; and with each upgrade it became worse and worse - until Vista where it only rears its ugly head every once in a while instead: tooltips appear behind the taskbar, where you can't read them and they are of no use to you. And there's nothing you can do about it!

NST ToolTipFixer patches this bug for once and for all, doing what Microsoft hasn't been able to do in 13 years.

ToolTipFixer 2.0 – (Oct. 14, 2008):

* [TTF-6] - Installer options for service vs. application

* [TTF-8] - Minimize memory usage as much as possible

* [TTF-5] - Create standalone ToolTipFixer module

* [TTF-7] - Remove .NET Dependencies

Download nLite addon from here

Homepage: http://neosmart.net

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