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cure and mihaipo, you probably will need to cut another ISO and re-install. Unless you set the Unattended mode to Prompt Repair, you will not have a repair option, but you could try the original CD. First, try just inserting the CD and when it Auto Starts, select Install optional Windows components. This will probably not work, but it is worth a try. Please let us know what you learn. Enjoy, John.

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"try just inserting the CD and when it Auto Starts, select Install optional Windows components."

OK, I tried that. The underlying missing print spooler (and other stuff too perhaps) were not installed and the install indeed failed presumably because of their absence.

I am not sure whether the drivers will fix it or not. What I am trying to do is install Acrobat and it chokes on the absence of a Print Spooler service, which I have thus far found no way of installing short of a 'repair install' which I fear will undo all the other good work of nlite.

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Go to "services" and enable print spooling.

Right click "My Computer". Click on "Manage". Click on "Services And Applications".

Spooler was never installed and the rest of printer support likewise.

That said, I managed to get the spooler service back, but without the rest of the printer support, thereby only allowing me to install Acrobat, and not actually print anything, even a pdf.

The PEBart people have actually reverse engineered this problem and have a plugin, but for me to make their solution applicable to my problem would be far more work than a nlite rebuild and a reinstall.

But before that I will try a repair install. If anyone can clarify what an repair install will do to my nilted XP install I would really appreciate it. How is it to fix my printer support without 'fixing' everything else that nlited deleted? Thanx.

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