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Remove watermark.


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Ok, I just made my first custom win xp iso.

everything installed nicely BUT..

I have this watermark on the bottom right corner of my screen, it won't go away.

I've never gotten this before.



also, is there any way that i can add my drivers like "178.13_geforce_winxp_32bit_english_whql.exe" and "15.23_nforce_winxp32_international_whql.exe" and then set which drive ( C:, D:, F: ) it should be installed to?

thanks. :D

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I can answer the watermark question. Do this:

1) Click the Start button, click Run, type regedit and click OK

2) On the left-hand side, navigate to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

3) On the right-hand side, locate PaintDesktopVersion and double-click it

4) In the pop-up window, change the data to 0 and click OK

5) Reboot.

Source: http://www.softwaretipsandtricks.com/windo...on-your-desktop

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Thanks, I tried that already. Didn't work, sorry.

I think this has something to do with nlite because I used an official legit copy of Win XP PRO and I never had that watermark. When i used my legit win xp pro cd and edited it with nlite and burned the new customized xp to a cd and installed it i got the watermark.

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There is an option in nLite to show this watermark. Did you check that? I suddenly saw this watermark on my DT when I nLited a source more than once. Did you do that? You should always start with a fresh copy of you CD files/folders.

You can integrate your drivers. You must extract them and point nLite to the .inf files. There are many topics in this forum, including, Device Drivers.

I do not know if you can assign HDDs but I suspect not. Search the forums.

Enjoy, John.

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I heared something about this before and do not quote me but what ever idea tried nothing worked appart from running safe mode and paintDesktopVersion then nlite from there. I dabbled in nlite before but in the end I was running into multiple boot DVD's not CD's to get my system the way I wanted it. Was quicker to restore from backup disks using partition magic backup. Not good for setting up multiple PC's tho!

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