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Sure, should it be able to also make some coffee of this is irrelevant? :unsure:

Seriously, it's very difficult to know which make/model/brand is better than another, the only way is comparison tests, but the ones you can find around are oldish, and sometimes the product is out of production, for example some of the sticks tested here:


This one is recent:



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Here is a nice thread, although in bulgarian, it has plenty of screenshots of various USB sticks. Pay attention on the ATTO benchmarks.


Interesting model was Buffalo RUF2-E4GB, which isn't the fastest model, but gives results close to the best model, at a half price. Unfortunately they released two series of the same, with different controllers, the worse of them performing way slower than the other one.

The R type of Buffalo's flash drives is classic- expensive, but among the fastest ones on the market for years.


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