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Terminal Services login Problem


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Got a SBS2003 server and a Standard 2003 server.

When using terminal services it goes to the standard 2003 server which is fine. Works fine with the Administrator login, but when I use any users login I get an error saying that they are not a member of the Remote Desktop Users group.

I have double checked and they are!

Any ideas?!

Thank You

EDIT: I have even just added the user to the Administrators group as a test and I still get the message. The standard 2003 server is connected to the domain which has the SBS2003 as a domain controller, but the standard server doesn't list in the computers list on the SBS2003.

Should I remove the standard server from the domain and add again?

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does SBS have domain controller and AD? if so then make a OU and put all the users you want to use terminal services in there and then create a GPO and somewhere in there, a option allow users to login via terminal services. enable that and then try

Hope this helps

dont shout if its a n00by answer :unsure: , i never used SBS only entp

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When I go to that section on my TS when I want to add the groups that should be added under the location it has got "TERMINALSERVER" and it wont let me change it to "SERVER".

"TERMINALSERVER" is my Standard server and "SERVER" is my SBS2003 server.

Shouldn't the TS be able to see the users on the SBS2003?

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