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Windows XP ICS problem...PLEASE HELP!


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Hello Experts,

I'm facing problem with ICS in WinXP professioanl ver2002 SP2. I have 2-NICs in my Laptop one bulit-in and one in PCMCIA slot. built in card is getting IP from DHCP server and PCMCIA one is with static IP of SM When i goo to enable ICS in the built in card it shows that ICS has been disabled by network administrator. I tried to enable it a lot but couldn't. Also i checked for malware on my computer but nothing. Even i have reinstalled the windows.

IN last what i come to know that when i disconnect network cable the ICS options are avilable and when i make it enable and reconect with net cable it again vanished.

After disconnecting the cable on either card ICS gets enabled.

Its much frustrating. Please advise how the problem can be solved

Waiting for the reply at your earliest..

Best Regards,

Mudassar Iqbal

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Dear all,

The problem for ICS has been solved.How it is solved:

1. I installed WINXP SP-3 but "NO SUCCESS"

2. As i was on Domain with AD and trying with domian alloted user name and password as well as loging in with admin user/pass. on local machine. I checked in policies no where ICS was disabled but "NO SUCCESS"

3. I thought why shouldn't i try to disjoin the domain and use workgroup. I joined workgroup and checked ICS is working ok.

Conclusion: AD domain ploicies were not allowing ICS to get enabled. that's why message was appearing as: ICS has been disabled by network administrator".

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