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Can anyone suggest a good freeware pinball for windows 98? (directX 6, can't upgrade)

I am not sure but didn't Microsoft have the Pinball (Space Cadet) from the Win95 Plus! CD-ROM available for free on their website? Could it have been the 98 version? I seem to remember one of them becoming available some years after Win98 came out. I never downloaded it since I had the Plus! pack but you may want to start your search there. Hopefully somebody will correct me if I am wrong!

I remember EPIC had a pretty good DOS based Pinball. It should be simple to find and may even have become public domain in the past 15 years or so. Worth searching for as well.

All in all this is a good question. The better pinball games (and pool/billiards) have not been free, especially before DirectX became popular. I imagine those reactive precise angles must have been a bear to write without the benefit of a widely installed, friendly video/gaming API.

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I took the Pinball from an XP computer,uploaded it to my email and DLed it on my 98se and it runs just fine :)

Only thing is the MIDI file doesnt play thru the game and it DID WORK when i first put the game on my computer (PINBALL.MID) ..... Cant figure it out!! (It plays fine thru my players)

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