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Using WMP11 Slipstreamer within nLite


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I seem to be missing something. I currently use WMP11 Slipstreamer to integrate WMP11 and WMP11 hotfixes into Win XP SP3 and then, separately use nLite to strip out a bunch of stuff thus leaving me with a slimmer Win XP SP3 source. I would like to do this all in 1 step. I have hunted around this forum seeking enlightenment and frankly I must be missing something obvious - I get that the WMP11 Slipstreamer must be installed and I get that the WMP11 installer must be inserted as a hotfix within the hotfix section of nLite but I don't understand how to configure nLite such that it uses the same WMP11 Slipstreamer parameters that I use when I run it as a distinct step (ie, "tweaked" vs "vanilla" output type, etc).

would anyone shed some light on this for me?


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I used to be in your shoes.

Couple options:

1) You have to use the WMP11 slipstreamer before nLite. To my knowledge, there's no way to merge the two programs and get "tweaked" settings.

2) Take the EXE of the WMP11 slipstreamer and place it into the nLite Program Files folder and (unfortunately) get the "vanilla" version of WMP11. Just drag the WMP11 installation EXE into the Hotfix section and nLite will piggyback off the newly copied WMP11 slipstreamer EXE. I hope this makes sense.

3) I've stopped using WMP11 slipstreamer to integrate WMP11 into my own XP source. I've started to use an All-In-One update package that includes WMP11, IE7, DirectX updated files, and post SP3 patches. As expected, just drag it into the Hotfix section. It might be overkill for your needs but you can find it here:

Onepiece's EN-US Windows XP Post-SP3 All-in-One Update Pack (updated very frequently)

Of course, test it a virtual environment before wasting a CD.

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Getting the tweaked settings isnt a problem. Find them in registry and export. Run wmp11 installer from guirunonce or whatever, and also any wmp hotfixes if you like.Import registry settings with reged /s yourfile.reg after installers have been run.

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