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Windows in italian


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Hi guys,

I'm astonished of finding out such a big and active community still supporting windows 98!

I used it regularly till a few years ago, then I passed to XP... but only because else I was not able to use some programs to connect to my phone! :rolleyes:

Now I'd like to "recycle" some old 900-1000MHz PC, and I think windows 98 would be the best choice. But I see there are dozens (hundreds?) of hotfixes available, and I can't understand 2 tings:

- are they only available in english?

- does it exist a single file containing the whole bunch of updates? I can't imagine what downloading&installing 100 files could be!! :blink:

And finally... does it exist anywhere an hidden, secret, unofficial, abandonware site, where I could download from... ehr... ok, I'll say it, ISO files for English version of Win98 CD? I have a legally purchased CD of Windows 98 Italian version, but if the only chance to update it is downloading ENGLISH updates... :unsure:

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are they only available in english?
Have you ever been to eng2ita?

yes, but I found lot of broken links to a no more existing italian SP, and once I eventually found a working one, i discovered that I have to install IE6 SP in advance.... but it causes a fatal exception with bluescreen.

So I was looking around for other solutions...

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The link in eng2ita.net forum working fine.

The 98SE Service Pack 2 italian require I.E.6Sp1 installed before. The link for IE6Sp1 download is present in eng2ita.net forum. The installation (Win98SE + IE6SP1 + 98SESP2) has been widely tried and works.

If you have problems post in the forum: many customers will answer to you.

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