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what services WINXP need for internet connection ?


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Try installing without "deleting useful stuff", disable the services one-by-one until "stuff don't work". There's your answer. :P

Very helpful.

For a LAN router, the only services you need to keep for networking are Network Connections (to be able to configure your connection) and Network Location Awareness (so it doesn't always show "Acquiring Network Address" if you like to keep those little blinking icons in the status bar).

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Uhhh, topic should be in "nLite forum" I think...
At the risk of getting my knuckles cracked, I will agree that the remainder of my response was somewhat facetious. "Very helpful." Sarcastic chastisement. :thumbup

But you have to admit, it got someone to answer specifically. It may still not be the complete answer though, since the question was posed rather vaguely in what appears to be the wrong forum. Be careful of what "useful stuff" you delete as it may be necessary for other functionality.

Obvious communication gap... If I have offended you, Eliasrd, please accept my humble apologies. :blushing:

And welcome to MSFN. We do try to play nice here...

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