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what not to remove


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i just bought the EEE PC laptop from asus.

so i need to be my windows xp as light as possible.

basicly i want to remove everything except a few things that keep these running:

- Webcam

- Microphone

- Wireless Ethernet(i might stick in an usb adapter)

- Windows Live Messenger

- Samsung PC Studio

since this is a laptop i have no idea what i need to keep.

Any suggestions, thanks.

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thanks your very nice to, thanks alot. you make alot of sense to me.

i know what i use i just dont know what to keep for laptop and wireless, cuase of battery drivers and such things...

i found on asus a page where i can download the drivers and such...

so not knowing aobutt what i need to keep for my laptop is just one problem. i am facing another problem, I DONT HAVE A CD DRIVE.... XD and i have no eternal xd drive geuss i will just have to buy it ... and then im not even sure if the bios will accept an externalxd drive .. oh well...

thanks for the reply nuhi.

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It will warn you about the needed components if you keep Wireless service and Battery.

You can also use USB flash stick for booting installation.

I would recommend to select for removal only those things that you know that you don't need like for example Tour is not needed for WiFi or battery. Slowly build upon it, when issues arises that make no sense then ask us.

Best wishes.

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Nuhi does nlite support or will this work ? (in a nlited iso of,course, editing winnt.sif after nliting, before making it an iso) : to just add f.ex under [components] in winnt.sif




f.ex? Btw netmeeting will install regardless if set to of in winnt.sif, in my tests (xp x64sp2)

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There doesn't appear to be any mention of Netmeeting as a component in ref.chm or MSFN's Unattended Guide. Then again, msmsgs=off does work to prevent the installation of Windows Messenger in x86 and x64 despite not being mentioned anywhere. :)

I'll stop hijacking this thread now. ;)

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That's true 5eraph, but there seems to be something weird with netmeeting. I've never used it so i have no idea why it refuses to not install. If some other component needs it or so.

To mitsukai: You must understand that it is 100% your hardware(and what programs you will install) dependent if your removed software with nlite will either break or work for you, because of what hardware(and software) you have.

Some webcams will work even if you remove all usb things, mostly, some soundcards will work if you remove usb audio, some will not.

In all fairness, what you should do is to try and see. Making a list that supposedly ought to work for you would still be anyone's best guess.

However, since the one thing you need is storage space, go for the things that take up most space, excluding some reds perhaps, and disable pagefile once installed. Also enable tweak for kernel etc.

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thank you kels for the usefull link, even thought my EEEPC came with XP already, i also have the most largest version oof EEEPC, 10.8 inch screen, its still very small, but it has better harrdware, and more features tthan the 7 inch EEEPC. So some of the points made there should be diffrent in my nlite.

@Trance, You are right, i should just try out things, but its just that since it has no cd drive it will be alot harder for me todo, i never made a bootable flash drive yet, besides a bootable MSDOS flash drive.

Also trance, maybe some piece of software that requires netmeeting is installed and asks for netmeeting too be installed to, or its just that xp will always install netmeeting, not sure about this one it could be either.

Also the drivers and hardware support in the nlite options seem weird to me. I once removed all hardware support and all drivers, it worked fine on my old desktop. Both removed intel/amd cpu hardware support. So it really confuses me what all hardware support really does, or does nlite keep intel/amd even tho i selected to remove it

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