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vLite v1.2 Final - RapidCatched


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WOW!!! Just went through the changelog, and i see "new 'Digital Rights Management (DRM)"

Finally i can make my vista fly, without these DRM craps

Thanks so much nuhi, your simple AWESOME MAN!!! :thumbup


2 quick questions:

If i remove 'Digital Rights Management DRM (its says needed for WPM11) will i still be able to use WPM11 to play unprotected movies and musics?

If i remove tv tuner support, (it says needed for Media center) will i still be able to use 3rd party tv software to watch tv?

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shahed26, DRM, haven't tested the WMP without it, I set it dependable because it comes in WMP installer usually.

TV Tuner should be needed for tuners regardless of the app, try it but I doubt it will work.

anonymous_user, interesting. Gonna try and adjust dependency, thx.

Tihiy, it removes (WMP) DRM and Right Management services. ci.dll, gonna check.

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