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WPI 7.0 + Wishlist

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The tabs are not the "native" tabs; html/hta doesn't access them like C/VB does. But I will make a "native" looking one.

For the buttons, I will have to make them an image, also. It's either or: plain or images. Can't do both simply.

But I do agree with you 100%: I want more of a "plain" set for my Corp_WindowsXP theme.

They will get added...............

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It would be nice when i enter the letter A on my keyboard, it goes to the first app starting with an A

Just like when you browse a folder.

Now you have to scroll lots of times and look for the app (some have big lists)


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I have a new grid navigation pane sitting in the wings here. It is sortable by install order, category, or name. Key shorts cuts could be a possibility...................

That would be nice :rolleyes:

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I'm just getting started with WPI, so forgive me if I'm asking for something that already exists....

What I want to be able to do is specify a config file/option file on a local web server that WPI can download and use. That way all the config info will be in one central place and I don't have to update CDs/DVDs. I suppose the other option is doing this from a shared drive, but since WPI is an HTML app anyway I think I'd rather go with a web server.

I'm also interested in having WPI download all the apps selected for installation from a web server too. That way I can have the config files and the apps in one place. Of course I'm assuming each app is a single self-extracting executable (I don't really intend to do things like Office this way, just utility apps, mostly free/open source/frequently updated stuff).

Does this make sense? Can WPI already do it?


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Assuming you are in a server - client machine setting you can set WPI up on the server and once the drive is mapped on the client you can, then run WPI and have it "Remotely" run the installation packages.

There are several people here that run WPI this way and a simple search for say "Network" in this forum section should yeild the results on running it from a networking situation. Unless I am understanduing you TOTALLY wrong then slap me, call me Sally and we will try it again...

As for remotely downloading the apps it CAN be done with an app like, uuuuuuuuuummmm WGET I think the name is.

So command one would be for wget to retrieve the app from your server and place it in the install dir or wherever then command two would run the app. NOW this way would take quite a bit of work but I sure you could do it that way.

WGETS' Home page = http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/

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How about a button on the installation screen (after you click Begin Install) that will either re-open WPI after finishing (for those of us with DOH! moments who forget to check something) or halt the installation process and re-open the menu with the remaining programs checked, allowing you to add to or modify your selection? Sounds difficult to code but it would be pretty sweet.

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Please enable full qualified-pathnames for Images by default.


//check if an absolute path was set
// if (desc[i+1].match(/img src=".*\\.*"/g) != null)
// {
// //remove ./Graphics/
// desc[i+1]=desc[i+1].replace(/src=".\/Graphics\//gi, 'src="');
// //replace variables (e.g. %ROOT%)
// desc[i+1]=ReplacePath(desc[i+1].replace(/src="([^"]*)"/gi, 'src="$1"'));
// //get path to image
// path_to_image = desc[i+1].replace(/.*src="([^"]*)".*/i, "$1");
// //replace every "\" with "/"
// path_to_image = path_to_image.replace(/\\/g, '/');
// //build new description
// desc[i+1]=desc[i+1].replace(/src="[^"]*"/gi, 'src="file://' + path_to_image + '"');
// }

So I don't need to patch each new version by myself. :-)


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