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WPI 7.0 Language and Manual files

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Please, Please, Please update as many of the lang files as possible because there are a LOT of new strings in this version!

Remember just open lang_en.js in your favorite editor and translate to your language then post here so I can add it to the Main WPI download.

Also for the adventurous types you can paste translations of the manual here to be included!!!

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Actually, don't start with lang_en.js. Of the 30+ language files, only 1 is complete: German (Dynaletik). French is up to 6.5.1. Some are up to 5.0; some are older.

So half the work is done for you: just finish the new texts in the appropriate lang_xx.js file.

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txtProblemRetrievingXML[lang]	= ['There was a problem retrieving the XML data:'];
legDefaultInstallPath[lang] = ['Default install path'];
lblLoadDesktopBeforeIns[lang] = ['Load desktop before installation starts'];
lblUpdateWPI[lang] = ['Update WPI'];
legVersion[lang] = ['Version'];
txtInstalledVersion[lang] = ['Installed version:'];
txtLatestVersion[lang] = ['Latest version:'];
legNotes[lang] = ['Notes'];
lblUpdate[lang] = ['Update'];
txtUpdateError[lang] = ['Update error: Could not access update server.\n\nIs allow internet check enabled?'];
txtCheckForUpdate[lang] = ['Check for update'];
lblAllowCheckForInternet[lang] = ['Allow check for internet connection'];
lblGlassyBlue[lang] = ['Glassy Blue'];
lblGlassyCaramel[lang] = ['Glassy Caramel'];
lblGlassyGreenApple[lang] = ['Glassy Green Apple'];
lblGlassyRainy[lang] = ['Glassy Rainy'];
lblGlassyRaspberries[lang] = ['Glassy Raspberries'];
lblGlassyYellow[lang] = ['Glassy Yellow'];
txtDetectedPreviousInstall[lang]= ['WPI has detected a previous installation that has not completed.\nWould you like to continue the installation?\nClick Ok to continue installation.\nClick Cancel to abort previous installation.'];

Please note these additions to the very bottom of the lang files guys and then repost with the updated lang file!!! We are releasing on September 1st!

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