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Start Fresh nLite installation?


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I have installed nLite 1.4.8 and slipstreamed a lite version of Windows XP SP3 which has some WiFi issues. I want to start a completely new session and start from scratch however nLite always seems to pick up my previous sessions even if I uninstall nLite with Revo unistaller and remove all the files and registry entries. How do I start a new session from scratch?


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If you mean it's picking up those "Last session blablabla" files, they are located at C:\Program Files\NLite\Presets - if you want to start completely from scratch, delete all of the .ini files in that presets folder.

But there is also the chance (the most likely after re-reading your orignal post) that it's picking them up from your working directory. When you use nLite to do anything with an XP install, it makes changes to the files in the directory it's reading from.

So if you have been building off off C:\nLitedata and you want to start from scratch, you'll need to delete and replace your XP CD files in that directory first. In fact doing so between major config changes of any kind is a good idea.

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Camelot One

Thanks for this. You are correct in that nlite writes to teh working directory with my Win XP files. I have now recopied teh Win XP disk and am able to start from scratch.

Thanks for your help


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