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I have a laptop with an in-built Bluetooth radio. Using nLite, I have never been able to get XP's Bluetooth stack to work. When I install the drivers for the Bluetooth radio, nothing happens - the stack does not start, and there is no Bluetooth icon in Control Panel.

I have tried with various versions of nLite and with both SP2 and SP3, keeping the Bluetooth, Infrared and Ports components. I have tried integrating the Bluetooth drivers (taken from the Toshiba BT stack), but that did not work either. The Bluetooth files are definitely all still on the ISO.

Is there something that I am missing?

Edit: The Bluetooth control panel applet is in /system32/ but won't load. Is there anything (an error log or something) that I can check to see what is going wrong?

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Edit: found the problem.

It had nothing to do with nLite. The problem was that the radio, when used with the Toshiba drivers, was not being recognized by XP as being a Bluetooth radio for the purposes of the in-built stack. I edited the XP Bluetooth driver INFs to add support for my radio. XP now treats the radio as a Bluetooth radio and the in-built stack works.

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when you do a complete format with your recovery cd is there a folder named "DRIVERS" located in "C:\"? in there you should find the toshiba bluetooth software and microsoft bluetooth software, you must install the toshiba bluetooth software (can be done with nLite), then turn on your bluetooth/wireless adapter and then go to control panel and click on the bluetooth icon, after you click that it should install all the drivers, by default I dont think you can do it unattended with nLite or any other apps, thats the way it is for my Toshiba laptop anyway, and the way it was explained to me when I purchased it, kinda strange if you ask me :wacko:

EDIT: a bit late with my reply ..good to see you got it worked out ...

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