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deployment hangs just before installing operating system

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First off - I'm using MDT 2008, running on a Windows server 2008 standard with WDS.

I've created a task sequences for installing both vista and server 2008. After booting into winPE I run through the wizard entering the appropriate info and start the installation. It then proceeds through the process, formating the drive etc. until it gets to "Installing Operating System" at which point everything stops. If i press Ctrl+C then everything continues just fine. How do I determine what is stopping the process so I can either eliminate it or provide the response it thinks it needs automatically?

Thanks much

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I'm still pretty new to deployment, so i've never done it the manual way, I've just added the OS, made a task sequence, set up the deployment point, setup WDS and then pxe boot the machine. The only modification I've done is set a few variable in the customsettings.ini to prepopulate the wizard.

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Its been a while, but as I recall I had to turn off Multicasting on the deployment point properties General tab in the Deployment Workbench. I really didn't need multicast in my small environment anyway, and I must of not had it configured properly.

Hope that helps

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