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Alternative way of doing this?


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Hi guys,

First of all: awesome program!

But (of course there's a "but"), way too user-unfriendly. To use it the way I would like to use it, I should know my whole system (and registry) practically by heart. And that got me thinking...

Couldn't there be a program that "scanned" your existing system and settings (i.e. all the settings that can be configured in Nlite), and that scan could then be used to set up an unattended install (or perhaps imported in Nlite)? That way the user would be sure he got a working system at the end of the installation. Because now in Nlite that's not at all the case (too much "trial & error").

It would work, in a sense, like F.A.S.T. (using "work" and FAST in the same sentence :wacko: ), and would be more user-friendly...

Just a thought, though... :whistle:

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I doubt the unattended section is cause of much trial and error. The real trial and error is when deciding what components to remove.

Not only components, but services (especially services) and tweaks. I use XPsmoker (among others), and keeping track of all the tweaks they do is a nightmare...

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first of all, you need to read the frickin manual,

there is tons of posts about, what 'services' do i need for .......

or the what not to remove for... toppics are verry helpfull,

2nd off all, nlite is a tool by witch you can Hack your system to not install windows components that Microsoft thinks are essential for your convinience.

I guess that if your not familiar enought with the windows operating system to know what service does which .... nlite may just not be for you...

yet even still nlite may do things that you had not expected - so in any case you WILL need to try and try again for anny disk you build - you probably best first test it with a VMware or better yet a CD-rw and a test box.

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