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Vistapack 2.6 released


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v2.5 works just fine and dandy with win2k, the only problem as i see it are the icon shadows, but those are not very noticable when using stock 32x32 icons, but become visible with 64x64 or more px.

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Finally! Downloaded and installed immediately... :)

Erm, only one thing. It broke logonui.exe on my XP SP3 (it shows something like 'error parse "" at line 78' and then the classic logon appears) <_<

It seems to be a problem related to "updating" the old version (installed 2.6 over 2.5), as I tried installing the Vistapack 2.6 on a fresh XP installation in VirtualBox and the Logon Screen works fine.

Oh well, I've been thinking of reinstalling XP for weeks, now I have one more reason: make the Vistapack work :) I just have to wait AMD releasing the new Catalyst 8.11 drivers so I can make a new nLite CD :rolleyes:

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Hi Damian and thanks for the new 2.6.

I made this bmp, I think it's better then that one in the pack.

Edit: I made also another version that is even better, both images are in the updated attachment.

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