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"Error-Handler" process shows up periodically in task manage

98 Guy

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This is a system running NT4 server. It runs in a basement machine room, and can run for weeks without anyone checking on it.

I noticed last night that it was performing periodic heavy disk access - about 1 minute of continuous disk access every 5 minutes.

During the 1 minute of disk access, I see this process in the task manager:

Image Name: Error-Handler

PID: 282, 290, (I guess this is not important)

CPU: 90% +

memory usage: 2 to 6 Mb (seems to fluctuate)

When disk access stops, that process goes away.

When I look at the various logs in the event viewer, I see no entries related to an error condition.

How can I track down what error or condition is causing this process?

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