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Removing Languages


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I am wondering if i remove all the languages using Vlite. Will i still be able to see files and folder with those removed languages.

If i am not able to view them, Is it possible to have the option to remove only the IME ( Input Method ) of the languages? Cause i would like to view all the languages.

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I dont understand where you are going, what you mean exactly, but it's kind of obvious that you would not be able to read languages alphabeths etc that you dont have installed. It would translate into a lot of ???????????? replacements.

Do you mean to remove only other speech language but not text part?

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Yes ,you may ,but you have to type all the Fonts name(in the Font folder) related to the removed languages,quite a lot of work, i guess, I never tried that however . It is likely Vlite will have an option in the future, to allow you remove the specific files{The IME files for example} you would like to delete~.

Just keep all the fonts ,and your Vista can read any lanuage ,In vlilte ,there is an option to keep specific file,check it out

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Basically, I want all the languages to show up properly on my computer even if i dont understand them. Coz i dont like the idea of having ????? in folders or files.

I think for every language there are two parts. The font part for display. And input for text input such as keyboard layout or special input method for Arabic, Chinese or Korean.

Now i want to remove ALL the Input part of the languages but keep the fonts part.

I hope that makes sense.

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You want to remove just keyboards but keep all fonts.

So then you would have to integrate language packs.

I am running a project here and goal is to try and integrate all available languagepacks for x64 bit ultimate sp1 version.

There are 36 total language packs and i have so far integrated about 20 or 21. Iso is currently 8GB or so, nothing else removed except media pictures, samples etc. It takes very much time after a while to integrate each file.

Temporary directory with only temp. vlite files was over 300 000 files, over 30 GB. It could be more, it took forever to count amount inside that folder.

However, upon vista installation you decide what language you want to use, and i dont know if vista will install all language fonts, just because they are available. I think probably not, but i really dont know.

Keyboard removal is not yet availabe in vlite, but hopefully will come soon.

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