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Toshiba Restore Disk, changing install language

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I bought a new computer in Russia with Home Premium X86 preintalled. I'd like to use the Restore Disk that came with as the install disk to make life easy, but change the install language to English, which I can't do. On the Restore disk (Disk Reanimator) there are a bunch of largish .swm files and imagex.exe among other things. There's also a setenv.ini file with the following settings;












OS=Windows Vista







If I create another Disk exactly the same and simply change "Lang=ENG" will it install in English? Could it be that easy?

I also bought an Install Disk locally with a few Vista versions on it, which I installed and got working after much mucking about with drivers, but I'm not happy with it, it's not working properly. One alternative is to install with the Restore Disk, upgrade to Ultimate with the Disk I bought and change the language to English. If anyone can tell me how to upgrade to Vista Ultimate with an install disk, that'd be great. (the install disk does have an upgrade folder on it, something about netfx, can't remember)

Later on I'll probably switch to a cut-down version of Vista. For now I'm interested in playing around with all the Toshiba extras that came with it.

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Hi, I work for TOSHIBA WW Preinstall team, Perhaps I can offer you some help.

First, Let me know which model did you bought. Cause, the WIM files you got is not just simply as same as the WIM files which got by IMAGEX.

Second, Since Microsoft no longer support the WAU, you can not just simply upgrade your Vista to another upgrade version, like Ultimate.

Third, Lanuage package should be worked on all kinds of SKU, (HomeBasic, HomePremium, Ultimate). As long as you have the English language package, it should work well.

If you bought your laptop in Russia, Then your product is designed by TOSHIBA Germany Company, it is different than the WW image, Just let me know your Hard Drive's volume label. I mean volume C:\. I can check out which OS image you are using.

Just let me know your detail problem. the imformation you post here is very limited. Here is my mail address: lvcharlice@gmail.com

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