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Blue screen - error 0*0000006f

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During installation when drivers have uploaded and screen is switching to next phase of installation (choosing where windows must be installed) I occured a problem - blue screen. please help. When I install windows from cd everything is ok. I used multiboot 8 to integrate files to my usb

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What is your source?

Is it Nlite-ed? Did you select Operating System Options-->Manual Install and Upgrade for removal? You must NOT. That's the most common reason.

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You are welcome.

However, please use search function, or at least have a quick look at the subforum, it's new and has a few pages only.

I guarantee you, this question has been asked and answered every third or fourth thread.

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Try this:

- make sure ntdll.dll is present in USB_disk\$win_nt$.~bt\system32\ . If not- copy it from XPCD\I386\

- make sure smss.exe is present in USB_disk\$win_nt$.~bt\system32\. If not- copy it from XPCD\I386\usetup.exe (rename usetup.exe to smss.exe)

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