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Need information for NTFS compression


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With Vista Ultimate started, the command in Windows Explorer for compress the hd with NTFS the system ignores several files (in use) and they are not compacted.

Have any way to force the compression of all of the files in use in HD excluding the boot files of the system ?


during the setup to create a partition NTFS in compact mode and with more space for MFT ?

Vista Home Premium it is faster and it consumes less ram that Vista ?

Home Premium support dual core cpus ?


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I understand that problem.

You can't force them to compressed because these files are very important files you have no acces to. But the side affect is that virusses can't either.

It will save around 1,5 GB in use.

I discover that compressing some files on my SCSI setup dramaticly decreases loading time.

OpenOffice and UT2004 have the most advantage of compressing and media is useless to compress.

Don't force them. Just my 2 cents.

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