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Installing Vista - Sooo Slow!


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I've just brought a new PC at work. Intel Quad Core Q6600, OCZ 8Gb RAM, Asus Rampage Formula, etc. All running at stock. I was trying to install Vista x64 and it seemed soooo slow! It loaded all the files fine but then took about 5 mins just to get to the welcome screen and choosing the setup language, I was staring at the Aero Background and mouse pointer for about 5 mins. Then it seemed a lot slower than normal installing the rest of it. I left it at the copying files stage copying at 60% it took around 10 mins to get here, before I left work for the weekend.

I've seen a lot of threads around the net about slow installs, but no real solutions. My friend said he heard of a problem with trying to install Vista x64 with 8Gb RAM. This was slightly confirmed after doing some Googling, so I removed all but 2Gb, still appeared the same though.

Another suggestion was BIOS update, but I don't think there is any updates for the Rampage Formula just yet. I've also run MemTest with no errors.

So, any ideas what the problem could be?

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