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I can't burn a iso image without getting read errors at verification. When I ignore these and use the cd for a windows install it breaks of at various stages (file not found or even simply black screen and reboot).

Here is what I do:

I copy content of Windos XP cd to disk,

first scren of NLite 1.4.1 direct to the folder containing the cd;

include drivers;

include RVMUpdatePack2.2.1.7z and WindowsXP-PostSP2-Critical-UpdatePack-ENU-x86_Siginet-2008.04.rar;

make settings for unattended setup;

after slipstreaming I choose to burn to CD the burning finishes OK but verification always fails on readerrors. If I choose to create a bootable ISO and then burn this image using Nero (6.6) to a CD RW same thing: burning is ok, verification fails on readerrors.

Using another cd RW/dvd RW makes no difference, burning on another machine gives same results.

Anybody knows what could be going on here?


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What speed do you burn your CD-Rs and CDRWs at? I learned the hard way (over years of experience) to generally use one-fourth the maximum speed of the drive and/or media. Typically I burn at 16x for CDs and 4x for DVDs. It can make a world of difference.

Your burner could also be going bad. My burners only last a little longer than a year. I do burn a LOT though. I have seen some of my customer's burners that they rarely used or even never actually burned anything and the drives were malfunctioning by the time I repaired and reinstalled their machines.

You could try only creating ISO images of your integrated installation media and using the free VirtualBox to emulate installing from them and see if there's any problems. Then if there isn't any problem so far, try burning them to disc at 16x (or slower if you have an older burner) and see if there's any errors. You can still use VirtualBox then to try installing from this real disc that you just burned. Then if all is good you should be able to install it for real.

Don't ask me about particulars of VirtualBox. I use VMWare Workstation but I doubt if you'll want to pay the price for that. VirtualBox is free and is evidently sufficient enough for other experts to use for testing purposes.

Good luck!

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