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UNattended detect computer and use appropriate info


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Hi everyone,

I've recently been working with automating PC installation with Windows 2000. I have implemented everything but am currently using a floppy with my winnt.sif file. The reason for this is because all the PCs have the same installation but their computer name and full name are different,hence the reason for using a floppy.

Is there any way to set something up that will check the motherboard of the PC and call the correct winnt.sif file.

Basically its like this:

motherboard 1345

motherboard 3543

motherboard 7766

and if its 7766 then it will run winnt.sif file that contains Computer 7766. Anyone have any ideas?


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Build a WinPE image from the Vista SP1 AIK and use the script language of your choice, like VBScript or AutoIt to query WMI. There are some WMI classes that hold information you can use, Win32_ComputerSystem, Win32_ComputerSystemProduct and Win32_Baseboard (not neccessarily correctly written, but its something like those 3). MS has a tool that helps you build WMI queries, its called Scriptomatic, on the AutoIt forum there exists a Scriptomatic for AutoIt too.

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