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Unattended folder permissions


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My guess is it can't be done, well, I THINK I could get it done with a lot of shutdown commands, runonce registries, command files & auto-login features... but it would be extremely messy and confusing as hell for people running the install.

My issue is with putting permisions on a user folder in documents and settings, the ick is that the user has never logged on...

So I thought I'll just pre-create the folder, cacls the permissions for said groups on the folder and no problems.

Forgot Windows will just create another folder, using the .%computername% appended to the end of it.

Is there a way to pre-populate a user's folder without logging in? Or maybe force XP to use the pre-created folder?

I also tried using a security template, but the **** thing hooks the SID of the groups I'm using, and don't work on new account of same name on other PCs.

If not it'll just be a post-install manual step, just that I'm a freak for unattended everything, pretty much like everyone here.


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