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6.4 and above lang translations!

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I took the time needed to update the norwegian language to 6.5.1 (all entries), since the old one only had the minimal amount of entries (only the main menu).

I might update the manual too if I get enough free time to do so. *work work*

Btw, could you add some way to translate the icons in the Vista theme?

You could make a language specified folder like for the manuals, so that icons in the "language chosen"-folder takes priority over the default english folder. :ph34r:

And... IF you add a language folder or variable for the Vista icons, could you make the icons since I have no idea what fonts and effects you use?

The translations for the text on the icons in norwegian would be:

"Install" = "Installer"

"Options" = "Innstillinger"

"Config" = "Konfigurasjon"

"Manual" = "Manual"

"About" = "Om"

"Exit" = "Avslutt"

Great program! Keep ut the good work :thumbup


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