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Problems with riched20.dll

98 Guy

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I've got a win-98 system (one of several that I operate, own or otherwise maintain) and this particular system should just be wiped and have win-98 reinstalled from scratch...

Anyways, on this system I will experience a situation at least once a day where if I have outlook open, and if I open a browser (ie6) it will immediately cause outlook to crash, with the message something like "outlook caused something or other in module riched20.dll".

I've turned up a very very few web hits in various obscure (and old) forum posting that describe pretty much the same issue, but there's never any resolution or fix posted.

I've replaced riched20.dll with another copy (same version - but that doesn't seem to help. I'm also not sure where this file needs to be located. Is it c:\windows or c:\windows\system ?

Any ideas?

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I'm also not sure where this file needs to be located. Is it c:\windows or c:\windows\system ?
Mine (version is found at the C:\Windows\System folder. It comes from an Office 2000 update - KB920906.

Yours, (version comes from Version 2 of the Windows Installer which also puts it in the C:\Windows\System folder.

Here is an even higher version:


But I don't think it will help much as I suspect the real problem is with IE 6 installation which desperately needs a reinstallation. So just prior to your wiping and reinstallation of Windows 98, double click on ie6setup.exe and choose Custom to then select each box manually of each item previously installed to ensure that the files will be extracted to then be used to overwrite the current files in use. Reinstalling IE takes all of 5 minutes, can be done at any time and hands down beats an IE "repair" choice. Just make sure you have a Mailnews.cab file in your IE installation folder for OE reinstallation use. For best results, reinstall IE from a local hard drive.

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