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v1.4.1: WFP prompts for CD


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Kel, calm down, someone needs to be the bigger person here and know when to walk away. There is a report post button. Use it. Anyways, aside from the fact that this stuff is against the MS and nlite EULA, the support provided for nlite is only not provided for corporate or business use by nuhi. Anyone else is free to support it if they wish. To answer the question and get this closed, there is an option which can be changed to disable prompts for driver signing. Windows randomly picks what to set this option to in some cases.

you can change the option yourself by doing the following:

Right Click My Computer and select Properties

Click the Hardware tab

In the center, click the Driver Signing button

Select Ignore - Install the software anyway and don't ask for my approval

Select Make this action the system default

Click OK twice, and reboot.

There is a registry way to do this, but I don't know the exact path. You could probably find it on google, search for "Disable installation prompt for unsigned drivers" or something along those lines.

The reason this is happening to be honest, is that most likely some of the drivers you integrated were not properly signed in the first place, or that the drivers you are trying to install on some machines were never signed at all, and so you get this prompt because Windows wants signed drivers, and perhaps the default installer for the drivers signs the drivers, but the way they are being installed now doesn't sign them. Who knows?

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Thanks for your help! :hello:

I shall look into that.

You said "who knows", well I was hoping I asked this question in the right place! ;) (and I know I did)

There are two weird things however:

1. This happens on some machines and not all.

2. I don't even understand why the ones that ask for the CD do that, since they too have a DLLCache folder... so theoretically there's no need for the CD because all the source files are already available locally...

Thanks again in advance!

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Hm. I think I might have misunderstood the original question. The Driver Signing prompt is probably unrelated to the problem you are experiencing. I'm not sure there what is causing the problem, but it is worth a shot to try the driver signing thing anyways.

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Ok so you solved the licensing question.

As for the original question, try the nLite 1.4.5 beta 2 on a clean installation files. Let me know if it still popups and when. Try with some USB so that I can test it too.

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Thanks for your reply - I'd like to help you as quickly as possible, but I won't be able to do that in the close week or so as I'm too busy (pretending to be) working. I'll definitely try your suggestion after the pressure goes down a bit.


I had a look at one of the machines which asks for the XP CD every time a device driver is installed and the driver signing policy was already set to "Ignore" and "Make this action the system default" was already checked.



As a side note, after reading the nLite EULA, and in light of this thread, all the machines running an nLited version of XP (and there are five such machines) are now scheduled for a re-install from the retail (non nLited) CD.

By the way, the nLited machines all work great, aside from the ones with the WFP CD prompt. But even this problem isn't something that prevents users from working, so I can wait with the re-install till the weekend and do this in an orderly manner.

Plus, I told my superiors about my mistake and how I already have a plan to remedy it, and not only are they not angry at me, but they were impressed with my honesty and professionalism and decided (among other reasons) to give me a raise.

Just something for everyone to think about. ;)

(and just trying to extricate all the bad vibes, negativity, bad manners and poison one user has been trying to infect this thread with)

Edited by Gantlett
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@Gantlett - I am very glad that you’re so good at sucking up. Nevertheless Kelsenellenelvian was right what you did was illegal and unethical. It’s not just "one member" we simply didn't care to post since; Kel had properly informed you of your mistakes and wrong actions.

You really should have been reprimanded at work for what you did.

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As clearly stated by jaclaz here:

Noone is accusing you of using illegally XP.

Everyone is accusing you to use nlite illegally.


Which is the part that you do not understand?:

5. nLite is free for personal use only, you cannot use it for any company or business purposes at this time.

Are you using nlite in any company or business purpose?

If yes, you are using it illegally.


Besides, you are clearly breaking rules of the board, by needlessly attacking another member :

7.b This community is built upon mutual respect. You are not allowed to flame other members. People who do not respect personal opinions and/or personal work will be warned in first instance. If you ignore the warning and keep on flaming, you will be banned without notice.
You're using nLite in corporate environment. And what Kels did is, just reminding you the Nlite Eula:
I am working in a production environment and I need to provide answers to my superiors. They, and I too, are worried that other components and other critical or non-critical parts of Windows might be changed or even missing.


You agreed to the fact that nLite is not for corporate use when you installed it.

Plus before you ask it is BECAUSE of reasons like this nLite will not be for corporate use!

And then he just commented about nlite forum, thats being used illegally on msfn forums. I understand that he uses and loves nlite too:
I put my trust and my word on nLite and brought it to a production environment which my job depends on. I need to be able to tell my superiors that nothing else is changed or missing and that the workstations running this version of Windows (the one from this CD) are perfectly safe from defects and other "surprises" (i.e. changes I did not make).

OMG you actually decided to let your job DEPEND on nLite? You are in an IT field and you cheated pure and simple... An app like nLite should not be used in a "production" enviroment because you cannot support it. You are WAY above your head here sir. Everything you used Nlite to do CAN be done by yourself and then you can support it and actually know what you are doing.

People like you are just going to get nLite shut down. :(

Then I dont get this, what was wrong with Kelsenellenelvian so far???
(and just trying to extricate all the bad vibes, negativity, bad manners and poison one user has been trying to infect this thread with)
As for the above mentioned user (which should be BANNED from this forum for libel) - that is not accurate. It accused me of other things and very much deserves my wrath for being a cheeky little puppy.

Attacking him is anything but needles, it is a must, as he was falsely and maliciously accusing me of illegal activities which I have no part of.

Who's cheeky little puppy here boy? You're working in an IT department than you must know sth in life? Respect? Do you know WPI? A world wide used application, that helps everybody to install custom apps on their system?

Sounds interesting, huh?

Also, you can easily see this under 's user image:

Group: Software Developers

Posts: 4691

This part tells me not to blame him :no:

You got one big prize from me; from now on, you're my cheeky little puppy....

Gzzzzzz :realmad:

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Hey, people, take it easy. :rolleyes:

There has been some misunderstanding that led to incomprehensions.

The misunderstanding is over.

The incomprehensions also.

Things have been fixed, nobody was hurt (seriously) in the making of this thread ;).

No need to make a case out of it. :ph34r:

Just let's call it over. :)


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