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Vista Firewall

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i read in many places Vista's Firewall is good but hard to configure true?

i am using COMODO Firewall Pro 3 but its annoying... with lots of messages just like Vista...

if i use Vista Firewall, with minimal config (just say i may not know how to configure it, haven't tried) will it provide similar security with CFP3 with default settings? anyway if there are too many prompts, users will just allow everything and security may be compromised anyways...

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Reinstall Comodo Firewall Pro 3 and choose the Firewall only option. When it asks about another feature after that (sorry, I forget exactly what it was) you uncheck it and continue to install. After the firewall has learned everything it's quite silent.

I even go to Firewall > Advanced > Firewall Behavior Settings and raise it up to Custom Policy and on Alerts I set it to Medium.

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