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Which Start menu do you like better?


Startmenu Poll  

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  1. 1. Which version of the startmenu do you like better?

    • XP
    • Vista
    • Classic
  2. 2. If XP Startmenu, why?

    • Usability
    • Looks
    • User-friendlyness
    • I chose the Vista start menu
    • I chose the Classic start menu
  3. 3. If Vista Startmenu, why?

    • New search bar
    • New looks
    • Alpha fade on roll-over
    • I chose the XP start menu
    • I chose the Classic start menu

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Been using Vista for about 3 weeks now and I haven't touched the start search once until I saw this topic. You know what it did when I typed "cal" into it? Nothing. It said no results. That's really, really useful - it won't even look right in front of it. Not that I would ever find any use for it...

(edit: I was looking for calculator - right there on my recent programs list - by the way)

I DON'T want to search for my stuff! Plain and simple. I know where it is, I know what folder it's in, I want menus to fly out and meet my demands. I can get to VFD by Start->Documents->Tools->VFD->vfdwin.exe. Keyfinder the same. Any tool I need, the same. Anything that's stuck in my user profile folder in Vista? Harder to get to than XP, but still the same. Search is just more bloatware eating up thousands of megs of hard drive space to do nothing.

In fact, I actually noticed that the search in Vista has gotten noticeably worse. There used to be a marginally useful "find in files" section of Search, where you could search for text or data within a file or files. That's gone. I now have to use UltraEdit to search in files. It comes in handy for restoring a one-off nLitened-out driver back to another XP install, and searching for a device ID in a crapload of INFs. Yeah, that's gone. Thanks, Vista.

Totally prefer the XP start menu. Clicking "Shut down" doesn't require an actual click to bring up a menu to actually tell it "how" to shut down... jeez. Vista is just too dumbed-down.

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Totally prefer the XP start menu. Clicking "Shut down" doesn't require an actual click to bring up a menu to actually tell it "how" to shut down... jeez. Vista is just too dumbed-down.

You had that menu in XP too, just that it appeared at the center of the screen. :P In Vista you have that little red button on the start menu which you can configure so you can shut down with a single click. ;)

However i still don't like the rest of the start menu. Only thing i like is that they FINALLY fixed the scrambling programs menu, so you don't have to click "sort by name" every time you install a new piece of software.

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Although I like the search feature built-in to the Vista start menu, I prefer the XP start menu because it expands menus out. I can always organize them from there. Vista's way of bottling up all the items from the programs menu really bugs me. I use a 1280x1024 screen so I hate being trapped in a tiny menu. To serve the purpose of the Vista search feature on the start menu, I use Launchy.

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I do prefer Windows 95 over what we have now, cause it just worked. No crashing, no desktop missing for a few seconds.... But like everything else, no one is happy till they tweak it till it breaks.

Windows 95 still had to load explorer before you had a desktop, so it did take a few seconds to show, crashing /con/con was nasty when that became known only took them like 5 years to patch it.

I'm guessing if your a 95 fan you still use seperate windows for opening folders, god that use to s*** me before i figured out how to change it.

I believe in always trying the new (or close enough), because one day backwards compatability will be missed, and then you'll be stuffed.

Anyone started learning Office 2007/2008? Now thats a jump into telli-tubby land if i ever saw something.

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I agree with Grake, I hate the Vista start menu, and that did not change even after using it for a full semester in a technical class. I can't understand why MS thinks extra scrolling and clicking is "cool", and I can't stand the entire look of the menu. It's totally discombobulated. I can't stand KDE 4 (Linux) for the same reason...and now they have the same issue as MS trying to push new people to 4 while Linux veterans are finding ways to revert their systems back to 3. Except it's not so critical because it's only the desktop, not an OS, and not undoable thanks to Linux's modular design. (Also, in addition to copying Vista, I hate that KDE 4 got rid of the option to edit the menu.)

As much as I love the XP start menu, I felt like awergh when I first upgraded from ME...

definiatly classic, ive always hated how the xp one took half the screen before you even went to programs, and i thought the vista one was just weird

...the "pin to Start Menu" feature really hooked me, though. And the 2-column layout doesn't matter now, where the smallest screen is big compared to a few years ago.
I would hate to not be able to organize my stuff and just crossed my fingers hoping the search feature actually found what I needed.
What a horrible, horrible idea they have -- no folders??? It's one thing to recognize that computer-illiterate users may not be organized -- quite another to trash people's organization.

Yeah, XP is the end of the MS line for me, no doubt about that.

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try using multiquote
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