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WinNT 4.0 & 500GB HDD - does UniATA work?


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I have installed NT 4.0 on my PC for long years and works fine but I run into trouble with last update of MB and HDD.

Now I have mobo with ICH7 (using IDE mode) and new 500GB SATA HDD. I moved partitions from old HDD and all

my OSes can boot except NT 4.0. For Win98SE I had to update esdi.pdr to have LBA48 support and works fine too.

NT 4.0 just displays a BSOD saying unacessible boot device.

But I found if I move them (and edit boot.ini of course) on slave HDD which is less 128GB they can boot.

So I tried to install UniATA driver. It was installed successfully but when moved back to 500GB disk it still didn't boot :(

I also tried to replace original NT .sys driver by uniata.sys but it hangs during boot.

Anybody was successfull with >128G HDD?

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When I look into control panel/SCSI adapters I can see driver is not running but runs standard ATAPI.SYS. But when i go to control panel/devices and seek for uniata it is set to run on startup and when I tried to startup manually it says driver allready running, so what is true? Probably is not running, fallback to atapi.sys. I tried contact author but no reply.

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