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"Browse For Folder" dialouge box empty on programs

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I hope somebody can help me fix a small problem I'm having with certain programs for Windows PE, such as "Salas Password Renew" and "fabs autobackup-pe" which is driving me nuts.

My problem is this. The programs will launch fine but when I click on the "browse" button to select a destination (or the windows directory) the "browse for folder" window is blank and does not give me a file tree to select the destination. The window pops up as expected but there is nothing to select.

I know I encountered this problem in Bart-PE aeons ago, but for the life of me cannot remember how I resolved it.

Can anybody PLEASE help me resolve this, as I would like to migrate to windows PE completely and not being able to run a few of these plugins is making this migration impossible.

Thank you for your suggestions,


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