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"New User" Account Replacing Me!


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I think this may be my first post! I can't remember. If so, nice to be here. :)

Here's my situation:

I've got 5 users that I've added to my unattended build. None are intentionally named "New User". However, upon completion of XP setup I see 4 of my users and one named "New User" (that should be me, ACQ). I checked my LAST SESSION_U.INI config and there's not a "New User" in there, just my 5 users and the Admin.

I found that the only way around this is to start over with a new build and get everything right the first time through. This happened to me with previous versions of nLite as well (over a year ago). I'm currently using v1.4.1.

I've searched the forums far and wide and have found nothing that mentions anything like this.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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A shot in the dark, I might be totally wrong here, but maybe maybe... As OOBE allows you to create 5 users, maybe you are limited to 5 here to ??? Of course it doesn't explain the "new user" but it would explain the absence of a 6th user (ACQ). ??? ???? ?????

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