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How Many People Own A Website?


Do you own a website(s)?  

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  1. 1. Do you own a website(s)?

    • Yes
    • Many of them
    • No
    • Have one but don't care for one

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Well, I dont think no one asked this question before, how many people on the forums have there own website?

Please list your website(s) in a post :)

Mine our http://nerwin.net and http://vtzeb3.com

Though they are still a work in progress, i'm not the best a web development yet :)

EDIT: Adding poll answer: "Have one but don't care for one"

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Mine is lame and also unfinished, but my business has yielded over $350,000 since it's inception in 2003. When I started the business, I had an unpublished, unlisted phone and it was the only local exposure I had, besides a logo on my Jeep w/ a phone number. (Now, I wish the phone wouldn't ring.... LOL). I still don't include my area code on the website, because I just work locally and don't want a bunch of unsolicited sales calls.


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I used to run more than one bust most are long gone. My current one displays as intended in IE5.x and 6.x but nothing else:


I technically have another website but was locked out of the account by FortuneCity about 9 years ago. It is here:


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Zxian.org - Personal site

KwikPiks.com - Image Hosting site

Technical Misinformation Assault Team - Something jcarle and I came up with, but hasn't gone anywhere yet. My studies and his work have kept that site from developing into something really interesting

UBC Fizz - Hopefully the future home of the UBC Engineering Physics Student Society homepage.

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Sorry, forgot to post urls.

Mine are

http://www.nerdyninja.com (personal)

http://www.ninjadesigns.net (for the company i was starting but that i never had the time to get off the ground)

Neither have been updated in a long time, and I am currently trying to change hosting companies (ive been locked out of my account, so waiting on DNS propagation to complete fo rthe new servers)

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I used to run a bunch of sites but really i only maintain one of my own these days (and thats the one i didnt link)

http://voicesinmyhead.net/ (nothing on the main site but lots of behind the scenes stuff is still there)

http://hostduo.com/ (was gonna resell off of it but never did) -functions as my host for my friends sites -most complaints go to me first and then to the real host)

http://distractionguild.com/ (a now defunct wow guild)

My sons website (just a picture album but im not linking it cause itll get spam commented again and im too lazy to delete them)

I swear i have others too but i musta deleted them outta WHM

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got a few...

www.maleko.co.uk (links to 3 personal sites)

www.c3ll.net (my gaming clan site I put together)

www.brohnis.co.uk (unfinished site for my brother and his misses music)

www.stasg.co.uk (local church website)

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