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nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1


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BIG list :D

Q: no option to remove compmgmt.msc (i really dont need this)

A: this is very sensitive component! DO NOT remove it, because it can cause alot problems! for example , yesterday I found, that broken compmgmt.msc crashed .NET framework software with serious error code.

i dont need .NET

Q: no option to remove dvdplay.exe (im not sure if this got added into my cd or what... )

A: try to remove this file in remove box. but be carefull if You use Windows Media Player to open DVD Video Disc.

i dont use media player, even compatabiliy patch is removed.

Q: i removed all languages, and still alot of code page files/keys are kept, and there are *.nls, kanji_1.uce, korean.uce etc. files

A: I'll try to find solution for this

thanks... i think intl.inf contains lots of code page keys.

Q: what is wpa.dbl file?

A: Windows Product Activation Database file. It stores information about Your computer activation status and hardware changes at each logon.

ok thanks...

Q: what are .mui files? i see a folder scripting but i disabled/removed all scripting.

A: I'm not 100% sure, but I think these files is for Multilingual User Interface. If You use only Windows English Interface, it's useless

so i see lots of .mui files laying around my OS, there sohuld be an option to remove them

Q: do we really need the system folder with only a winspool.drv? (is this from 16 bit support, then its not removed?)

A: if You use printer, better leave this file as is. Every printer - even oldest and even supermodern notyetreleased printer can ask this file to work correctly.

printer support and 16 bit support are both removed ... so i geuss i dont need it.

Q: no option to remove Themes service.

A: There is option to remove it. But removal of THEMES SERVICE REALLY SLOWS EVERY PC!!!!! If You simply disable this service, it's OK!

if i have removed shell services, themes service is removed also. But i have not seen any option to remove the theme service. and it did not slow my pc

Q: no option to disable visual styles applied on the gui

A: I saw somewhere in this forum XP visual style transformation to WIN2000 style.

hmm maybe not clear enough. i was talking about the option in the performance-> visual effects

Q: no option to remove the lastgood state bit thingy..

A: this is very very useful thingy, if Your XP does not start after broken or incompatible driver installed!

i have absolutly no need for this...

Hope it will help You! :):hello:

all is helpfull. thanks! : )

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Hello Friends!

I'm coming here to raise a small error:

When you load the saved settings, some items are not selected, they are:

- Windows Media Player | Disable silent acquisition

- Boot and Shutdown | Auto-End tasks immediately

Details of use:

- I'm using nLite-mode "Portuguese (Brasileiro)"

- nLite v.

- Windows XP Professional (SP3) VLK

The nLite it's great!

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Hi to all ,

I am french .

Details of use:

- nLite v.

- Windows XP Professional (SP3)

When i try to use a CD-RW or DVD-RW previously used .

NLite re-format those media . OK .

But , when I try to burn those elements , Nlite don't recognize these one (???) .

Can you tell me what to do ?

Regards .

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First of all thank you big time nuhi for your work. nLite is great. I'm using it for my windows XP pro x86 cd.

Second I have a few remarks :whistle:

I'm one of those guys that only use classic start menu. But for some reason some of the tweaks don't work properly.

- display administrative tools in start menu (administrative tools are diplayed but in classic start menu->customize this option is not checked. after closing the customization of classic start menu or rebooting the computer the tool disapears from start menu)

- use small icons

- disable personalized menu

Third I would like to kindly request additional tweaks:

- autohide taskbar option and show quick launch

- an option for cpl->system->performance settings->adjust for best performance

Thank you in advance and once again for your devotion to this project.

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Would anyone know why setup requires nowadays net.exe?

This must be some hotfix introduced after October.

I get error msg "Unable to execute file: net

ShellExecuteEx failed; code 2"


That's not it. It's:

Command-line tools


Ethernet (LAN)

NetShell Cmd-Tool


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A question about integration :

I want to integrate IE7, WMP11, and all the subsequent hotfixes (which include some WMP11 & IE7 updates) into XP SP3 installation.

1.I start nlite - put all in the list for updating source installation files.

2.Program starts integrating and asks for WMP11 slipstreamer i download it and put .exe file in the nlite root folder, program continues and everything finishes OK.

However I noticed that the WMP slipstreamer has a function to slipstream WMP hotfixes as well.

So my questions are :

1. Were all WMP hotfixes integrated into installtion, althought they were added to be integrated via nlite and not using WMP slipstreamer

2. Are IE7 & WMP11 and all later updates for them really integrated into installation, and not just added to be installed via svpack or some other method in later stage of installtion

Great program...great work...great man! :)

Svaka čast!

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Re Angelico Payne

After completion of nLite look in the directory /1386/SVCPACK

Files not integrated you will find in their original state.

It is possible to integrate WMP 11 and IE7 in your source and after that

to use nLite, use Google to find the program HFSLIP.

You have to add into HFSLIP the file "HFSLIP_POST_getnewfiles_v3.cmd"

and use the resulting file NEWBIN.TXT to add to the keepbox of nLite

the relevant files. You can use Notepad to edit LastSession.ini.

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If i select in nLite to remove Drivers like the Toshiba driver then nLite doesn't remove it from the TXTSETUP.SIF file because of that i see always in the TXTMODE if Windows XP loads the Driver that the Toshiba driver gets loaded.

I think nLite removes only the Driver files but not the text in files like TXTSETUP.SIF that points to the driver.

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I have a simple suggestion.

The [Hotfixes] section of the profile contains file names with full path. This makes it impossible to transfer your work to another computer. How about using path relative to working directory?

Lets say on one PC we have C:\NLite\Build\ as working directory. Then for C:\NLite\KBs\WindowsXP-KB892130-ENU-x86.exe file it will be:



And we'll be able to move entire thing to different PC with output directories like:



as soon as we place KBs like this:


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