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Nod32 vs Norton


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ok well i have been using norton since version 04. i recently started using nod32 to see what it is actually capable of so here is the thing.

Now this thread is for ppl who actually do research and can back what they speak about not those who like to run off at the mouth :realmad:

For instance, norton 2008 while i was using it , you would have seen pop ups saying " ip address blocked" or someting similar. while running a scan they only thing it would have removed is a tracking cookie, due to the fact that i dont visit sites in which i put my pc under any halth risks.

Using Nod32 now, i scan a good bit of times with this software, i had never picked up anything, no blocked attacks etc.. and this is after about a month of use :unsure:

so im wondering, Is is really working >?

Otherwise, nod is way lighter, and scans with super speed but does provide phishing and stuff an norton does.

Norton on the other hand is heavy although 2008 version is much lighter( dont really see the difference with my dual core) :rolleyes: and it seems to be doing a more comprehensive care....

So any of you guys here, actually done any tests etc.. and have seen what im talking about ?

p.s. key words in he last phrase : done , tests, " seen what im talking about " ....

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I used Symantec Corporate for years. The Norton brand doesn't really do all that well in the many different tests. Besides it is very resource hungry and visibly can slow down many many machines. I just worked on one last week and had to remove it. My customer was amazed how spritely the machine became after I removed it.

Now, the trend has been to these Internet Security Suites and both Norton and Eset are no different. My preference is to use the best tool for a purpose and not a collection of tools where one is good and the others are so-so. If I had to choose today between the two you've mentioned, I would far and away go with Eset NOD32 Smart Suite. I was testing it last month while I was on the road and believe me I gave it a workout. It came through with flying colors. The malware/spyware catcher seems pretty good, though I'd prefer PC Tool Spyware Doctor for best of the breed. The firewall so far gave me no problems, but then I used ZA for many years and still have version 4.5 on one of my boxes. I can't say I like the newer versions at all and I can tell you taht I don't trust them. I'll be looking a Comodo's new version next.

The one module I find top-notch in NOD32 is the anti-virus module. I'd be inclined to get just the anti-virus version and use that.

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Its Norton 2008 AV


mind tooth, i didnt ask which you prefer, plz, if you cant answer or provide any comments of substance, plz feel free not to reply in this thread

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