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Smart Card login only via Terminal Server


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Hi Guys, i've got a question, i'm interested in testing with smartcard logon stuff, but i can't seem to find online if what i want to do is possible

Lets say i have a test domain with 1 domain controller and 1 terminal server . Internal users can logon just with their username and password. But people from the outside who want to logon to the terminal server have to use their smart-card ...

I did find methods to implement smart-card usage in a domain, but then that includes the internal workers and i don't want that.

Is there a way to only let remote users who try to logon require a smart-card ?

(i did find this in Server 2008 , in the TS Gateway app, but i'm looking for a way to do this in Server 2003)

Thx in advance for any suggestions...

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Server 2003 does not have this ability natively, although I think perhaps Citrix has added this functionality to Presentation Server. If you want to do this, you'll need to install and use a 2008 TS gateway or use ISA to enforce smart card logins at the firewall, although that would be very messy comparatively to a TS gateway box.

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