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Intel montevina


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just when i thought of buying a 45nm CPU in march, i found out that a new centrino montevina is coming out in May, or april, so ... anyone knows if its worth the wait? or will it be too expensive? cos i think it has things like DDR3 all that. and will there be much performance increase? or id santa rosa good enuf?

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i am trying to think the same thing right now. montevina will definatly be better. 20% less power consumption i beleive. and 1066, SSE4

what really concerns me is how much will ddr3 be.. i can get 2x2GB of ddr2 for laptop for cheap right now and with a 45nm cpu.

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true, DDR3 now is super ex and if montevina does not support DDR2, it means that PCs based on it will be super ex, and so it means i cant buy it.

but of course if it supports all the old stuff, which i feel is good enuf, and if its performance with these old components is better than the chipset now, santa rosa right, then it will be worth the wait.

i had all along wanted to get a lappy, tot i can buy once 45nm is out, but now when its out, another new thing is out!

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