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Guide:How to modify install.wim


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This problem is driving me gradually insane...

Every attempt i've made so far at following yr excellent tutorial has resulted in files being modified but no additions being made.

In other words, if i try to add anything to install.wim, such as themes of sidebar gadgets, then no changes are made. When i install and check those folders - they are empty. However, any chages i've made to existing files, eg - user account .bmp files and logon screen, are ok.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Select "commit" Make sure you select (click on the) the image you mounted (eg ultimate), and then click unmount.
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Hi guys.....I modified install.wim (ultimate) and then added it to my DVD folder (sources). Then i mount it using Vlite and installed th windows. but after installation, nothing has been changed. The same default wallpapers, default user screens :( .Did i do something wrong ???

First of all i mounted the Ultimate version of my DVD using Vlite and saved i as ISO.

I took out Install.wim from resources folder of that ISO and mountit using Gimagex

Then unmounted install.wim, replace it with the original one in my DVD.

Then i mount it to Vlite and made an ISO choosing Ultimate version. I did'nt make any other changes.

But after installation, i got all the things same as default.. :(

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