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Removing Windows SAT (Performance Index).


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When using vlite to remove Windows SAT (Performance Index) after install i reliased that there was no system rating; which is obvious of course as i removed Windows SAT (Performance Index) so it never got rated during the bit that Windows SAT (Performance Index) normally deals with.

My qustion is:

Is the system rating: windows experience index part of Windows SAT (Performance Index).

Also is it possible to find it out with Windows SAT (Performance Index) removed.

Also to the admins i am sure this is not breaking forum rules/conduct if it is;please delete this message or message part not my account thank you.

I have seen how to hack the system index ratings; the link is below.


Will this be possible even though Windows SAT (Performance Index) is removed (as mine is always a three point four because of my graphics card and i know each of the scores)?

I am really thankfull for any replies i might get,

Wow i expected this to be an easy question!!

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