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vlite prompt "not all files were copied, aborting"

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I download the MSDN vista x64 several months ago, I wanted to make a lited vista recently so I downloaded vlite 1.1 rc1. When I was trying to copy files from the virtual CD-ROM (with the MSDN iso loaded) by vlite, I met this problem. vLite always report "not all files were copied, aborting." and then exit.

I'm wondering whether it is the damage of my iso file causes this problem or it just a bug that occur in some specific circumstance. Thanks a lot!

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Hi Dino,

Here's another scenario under which I got the same error: I had already loaded the entire set of files from an install disc into a folder once, and then restarted vLite. When prompted to load the install files all over again, I got the "copy and replace?" prompts from Explorer, and opted to "skip." At that point, vLite wouldn't let me proceed, giving me that same error.

If there's a preexisting set of install files, maybe there should be an option in vLite to use those, without having to have them loaded from the install disc again and again and again.

Best wishes,


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It's probably the same Last Session issue which makes it to have more files than on the DVD, fixed for next one.

Well you can copy it into some backup folder and do a fast copy by hand before each configuration, that's what vLite would do if there is ever such an option. No other way to modify it other than copy then modify.

Or mount an ISO into a virtual drive and browse to that then it will act like from a real DVD but faster.

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