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[Desktops] 2008


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I don't think it is necessary to have a new thread every month for desktop screenshots, so ill create this one for 2008. Hopefully people will use this one for all 2008 desktop screenshots.

Well, here is my current desktop.


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Old and new desktop (in the last week). Don't laugh about it but I have a personal affinity toward an old MIRC version.

Old Desktop Cap (dec-apr)


New Desktop Cap (may+)


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Here are my two workstations.

Workstation 1 (XP Pro 32-bit):


Workstation2 (Fedora9 x86-64)


Feel free to ask any questions. :)


That image on your Fedora box is awesome! Was that done with Twisted Brush Pro? It sure looks like work done with Twisted Brush, very nice!

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